Editing your ‘A look back’ movie in Facebook

“Can’t this be edited???”

“Why that picture???”

“Gosh, Facebook included that post???”

“Mark Zuckerberg should have allowed us to make the selection!”

Well, that’s what you probably heard from somebody who was not satisfied with the FB’s 10th year anniversary treat—A look back—where once you click https://facebook.com/lookback/  in a post like this:

share lookback

Facebook will automatically load a video player that will let you watch a video or a movie

facebook lookback

that Mark and the Facebook team created especially for you starting on the date you joined and so on and thus forward.  After which a SHARE YOUR MOVIE button will come out so that you can let others see it equally well.

A lot became sentimental and tagged Mark Zuckerberg as “sweet”, “thoughtful” for this “A look back” movie, but not to others who find it dismaying seeing those pictures or posts which should not be included there.

But at last, their sentiments were heard!  A look back movie can be edited soon!

Once you visit your “A look back” movie post now, you will notice two new buttons there: an UPDATE button beside the EDIT button:

fb lookback

Once you clicked on the EDIT button, it will switch the screen into this:

fb lkback edit2

Which implies it is not available yet but sooner you will be able to do so.  You may also notice an instruction below the frame which says, “Learn more about A Look Back”, and upon clicking on that it will lead you to the Facebook Help Centre or Desktop Help:

fb lkback edit

Once you click on “How can I edit my movie?” it will show you the steps on how you can edit the movie that you initially posted on your timeline.  Based on the answer there, checkmarks will appear and you may use them on your photos and other stories to adjust whether you want them to appear in your film or not.

And after you edit your own movie, you may click on UPDATE button, watch it and click on SHARE YOUR MOVIE button to be able to share it again on your timeline again.

UPDATE:  As of this moment (February 18, 2014), editing is now available, I have edited mine yesterday and was able to post the updated version.  You can only choose from the suggested pictures/postings there and you cannot get it directly from your album or from your own timeline.

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